I believe all art forms are found in nature. My artwork is inherently suggestive of landscape, although the geography is not specific. These landscapes are unpopulated. The work evolves and develops with a consideration of space and a use of color that suggests and refers to natural elements. Certainly, I have a colorist's concerns, although my color choice is based on instinct and feeling. I use color to give my composition a sense of mood and place that is remembered rather than observed.

Studio in Brooklyn

Studio in Brooklyn

Monotype Printing is a Painterly Process

I create my images on various plates made of plastic, silk or copper by applying oil-based inks with rollers, brushes, cards or my fingers onto the surface of the plates. I may choose to draw or scratch the surface of the plate after the ink has been applied. The plate is then run through a large press and printed on paper. Often, one image and color will be printed on top of another image and color.

I frequently take the print to my studio and add handwork. I use pastel and pencil to draw on the artwork or collage special handmade papers onto a piece. Each print becomes a unique artwork.